SP 8.0 electrostimulation device

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Product Description

SP 8.0 electrostimulation device, black, COMPEX

Compex SP 8.0 electrostimulation device with MI technology and 40 programmes
To optimise endurance and strength, recover faster, prevent injuries and treat pain.

Connectable and easily portable, it incorporates the new MI Autorange function guaranteeing maximum results.

MI (Muscle Intelligence) technology: Personalised stimulation to each physique. It adapts to each of your muscles for more effective electrostimulation, guaranteeing greater comfort and better performance.
 •  MI-SCAN : Scans the muscle and automatically adapts to your physiology.
 •  MI-ACTION : Optimises the efficiency of your session by combining voluntary movements with electrostimulated contractions for total control over your workout.
 •  MI-TENS : Makes it easy to set stimulation levels for pain control and optimal results.
 •  MI-AUTORANGE : A brand new feature that allows your device to automatically determine the most appropriate level of stimulation.

Categories and Programs:
 •  Physical preparation: Endurance, resistance, strength, explosive force, overcompensation, ankle sprain prevention, cross-training, sheathing, hypertrophy, bodybuilding, potentiation, warming up, capillarisation

 •  Recovery / massage: Recovery after training, recovery after competition, relaxing massage, reduction of muscle soreness, regenerating massage

 •  - Pain relief: Pain reliever TENS, relaxant, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, lumbago, epicondylitis, tendonitis, heavy legs, prevention of cramps

 •  Retraining: Muscle wasting

 •  Fitness Building: Firm my arms, tone my thighs, sculpt my abs, develop my biceps, strengthen my shoulders, develop my pecs, firm my stomach, sculpt my glutes, body power, lymphatic drainage

Product Details:
 •  Wireless technology
 •  Muscle intelligence : MI-scan, MI-autorange, MI-tens, MI-action in the 4 modules
 •  Connectable
 •  Download goals and information online
 •  40 programmes
 •  4 channels
 •  Screen: Matrix colour
 •  Power: 120 mA, 400 us, 150 Hz
 •  Battery recharges in under 2h

 •  Remote control
 •  4 modules
 •  Charging station
 •  Charger
 •  8 small SNAP electrodes (5 x 5 cm)
 •  4 large SNAP electrodes "2 clips" (10 x 5 cm)
 •  4 large SNAP electrodes "1 clip" (10 x 5 cm)
 •  Rigid transport case
 •  Protective cover for remote control
 •  USB cable
 •  Instructions for use

Colours Black
Sizes one size
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  • 20/01/2019

    Essential as a supplement to training, recovery, etc.!! It scans and adapts the frequency according to the muscle, the program etc. Very easy to use. Despite the price I do not regret my purchase.

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