Dino Rock

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Product Description

Dino Rock, multi-coloured, PLAYMOBIL

Playmobil Dino Rise
Greedy Ludmilla and her sidekick Ralph continue to try to get their hands on the three stones that open the magic portal in Dino Rock.
In their test laboratory, they analyse stones and work on a new drilling robot.
But the Dino Rise team is vigilant and opposes Ludmilla and the Comet Corporation.

From their base in the trees at the back of Dino Rock, they plan their defense strategy.
Dumbwaiter rotates can load supplies and tools. The bridge leads to a secret hiding place in the cave.

If the Comet Corporation attacks, the cannon can be aimed at enemies. In case of emergency, the secret slide under the bridge leads outside.

Of course, the Dino Rise team never goes into battle without their dinosaur friends..
To free the stegosaurus from the rock, Ian slips an energy stone into the key, inserts it into the rock and turns it over.
The pieces of rock then split open with a thunderous sound. When energy stones are inserted and removed, Dino Rock's light, sound and vibration effects are triggered.
Only if the three energy stones are inserted into the rock in the correct position, the magic portal opens.

Contains Dino Rise Ian, Ludmilla and Ralph minifigures, Stegosaurus, test lab, rocks, drilling vehicle plus Dino Rock and many other accessories for action-packed dinosaur adventures.

Age: From 4 years
Note! Not suitable for children under 3 years: choking hazard!

Colours Multi-Coloured
Sizes one size
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