Asterix Getafix and the Magic Potion Cauldron

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Product Description

Asterix Getafix and the Magic Potion Cauldron, multi-coloured, PLAYMOBIL

Playmobil Astérix
Getafix, the venerable druid of the village, picks mistletoe and brews magic potions.

His greatest achievement is the potion that gives superhuman strength to the consumer.

But Getafix has other recipes in store... For his mixtures, the druid throws herbs and other ingredients into the large cauldron.

Today, the dean of the village Agecanonix helps him.

Roman spy Caligula Minus, who snuck into the Gallic village as Caligulaminix, is allowed to taste the first spoonful of the freshly brewed magic potion.

The potion works, Caligulaminix can immediately lift a large stone effortlessly with one arm, but what will happen when the effect wears off and the Gauls unmask the spy?

The box contains the Druid Panoramix, the Dean Agecanonix and the Roman spy Caligula Minus with a changing face and wig to unmask him, various herbs, leaves and flowers to prepare magic potions, a cauldron, a tree, a large stone to lift and many other accessories for exciting adventures.

Age: 5 years and up
Note! Not suitable for children under 3 years: choking hazard!

Colours Multi-Coloured
Sizes one size
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