Sports Bras for Women

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Brassieres and sports bras

Sporting activities require the right lingerie. Gentle gymnastics, brisk walking, volleyball, tennis or running: the choice of a sports bra must take into account the intensity of the physical activity. Some sports bras feature Shock Absorber technology to reduce the impact of movement on the bust. In white or black, a high-support bra is made from comfortable, anti-perspirant, anti-friction materials such as elastane. Wide, criss-cross straps in the back provide optimum support for the bust without compressing it. La bra is not new. It first appeared in Ancient Greece in 400 BC! Initially, it was more a question of wide bands encircling women's breasts. As bra and fashion trends evolved, so did its use for women seeking to enhance their well-being, as well as for babies. The women's sports bra helps to support the breasts and prevent pain and sagging. No more torture when you go running! With a women's braYour chest is supported to prevent shocks. Adapt the strength of the support to the activity you'll be doing. It's also made from breathable materials that help wick away perspiration when combined with a sports shirt. For young children, we also recommend the short-sleeved baby bra or long sleeves. Put it on children as a simple outfit if it's a little warm, or under a sweater or cardigan. Bra In cotton or knitwear, it's especially stylish with the little bow to tie on the side. And if you choose it in a soft wool, it's guaranteed to keep baby warm.
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