Women's Sandals & Wedges

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Comfortable, these shoes are designed for women who want to be comfortable yet elegant on summer nights. Lightweight, easy to slip on, flat or with a heel, sandals are now part of weddings, cocktail parties and even the chicest soirées. Salomés are a type of sandal with a buckle that closes over the instep. Today, they are available in open models and with high heels. They're perfect for enhancing women's feet, slimming them down and showing off legs and beautifully polished feet. They go with all women's fashions.

Everyday Elegance and Comfort

We know that the well-being of your feet depends on your choice of footwear. That's why our women's sandals have been specifically designed to combine elegance and comfort. Each pair is crafted to perfectly fit the shape of your feet and offer unparalleled support. Whether it's for a wedding, a coffee with friends, or a stroll around town, discover a varied selection of sandals that enchant everyday wear. With a wide range of colors, find the perfect hue, from classic white to a bolder shade like pink, to add a distinctive touch to any outfit.

Variety of models for all occasions

Choose a variety of flat sandals for relaxed days, or opt for a pair with heels to enhance your figure for special occasions. Wedge sandals, meanwhile, offer a seductive alternative, combining height and stability for confidently striding down the aisles. Find your ideal pair on the dedicated page and take advantage of a varied range, including models made in Portugal, renowned for their quality and meticulous finish. Everything is just a click away, with options immediately available to satisfy your sudden desire for renewal.

Accessibility and Exceptional Value

Aware of financial considerations, La Redoute is committed to offering women's sandals at affordable prices without ever compromising on quality. Explore a collection where every leather pair offers excellent value for money, allowing you to easily add variety to your wardrobe without exceeding your budget. From the delicate black sandal that goes with almost everything, to the boldly colored model to brighten up your steps, every choice is an investment in timeless style and unwavering comfort. Make every walk a moment of pleasure, with the certainty of having made a wise and advantageous choice.
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