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Women's sneakers: so important

For sports or everyday walking? For sporting activities, specially developed sports shoes from leading brands are the way to go. For the city, it's best to opt for softer, lighter sneakers, ideally worn with long pants. High-quality tennis shoes should support the heel during any sporting activity that requires a great deal of support. Jogging, fitness, tennis, soccer or basketball, each type of activity requires a suitable pair of sports shoes. And for casual evenings, there's nothing like a pretty touch of color on fashionable, designer sneakers.
Sneakers are a must-have for all fashion and sportswear addicts! We've never been so happy to follow fashion and leave blisters and sore feet behind. We love the new credo of "being beautiful without suffering"! The other advantage: women's sneakers can be worn with absolutely everything. So you can go wild: black pantsuits, spring dresses... Of course, you can opt for the indestructible Converse or Nike Blazer. It's up to you! Sneakers can be worn for every occasion!

High-top sneakers and wedges

Same as above. Your high-top sneakers will work wonders with a dress, leggings or slim-fit trousers paired with a shirt to break up volume. The more adventurous will play with codes by pairing open-toe high-top sneakers with flashy socks, uncovered by suit pants cut a little short. A blazer and white knit finish off a classy look.
Just because you're wearing sneakers doesn't mean you have to go all out! If you're looking for a little height, opt for wedge sneakers. Assume their slightly massive side by adorning them with patterns and colors to play on the second degree. The rest is adapted accordingly. Opt for a high sole for the perfect streetwear style - thick soles are for life!

Top designs

White is nice, but it's messy. While we're at it, let's go all out on patterns. Bright floral patterns, geometric motifs, ethnic or jungle designs... go wild! Unlike the little white sneaker, you'll want to play it safe with your outfit, so as to give your feet maximum impact! Whatever the color, there's sure to be a women's sneaker perfect for your wardrobe.

Which sneaker models are right for winter?

  • - The Stan Smith Sneakers Queen of your wardrobe: Yes, my little pair of white sneakers is still there, and still a star! Totally immaculate, super comfortable, the Stan Smith is distinguished just by its colored heel tab, and can be worn low, with Velcro or laces. A must-have in your shoe collection!
  • - Metallic sneakers: These are THE sneakers of the season! Yes, sneakers are becoming iridescent: silver or gold, they lend themselves to all styles, low-tops, high-tops...
  • - High-top sneakers: Fashion wants to end the monopoly of low-top sneakers. So why not be tempted by the wide choice of high-top sneakers? Preferably worn with a close-fitting outfit, such as a short dress or skinny jeans, for a beautiful effect.
  • - Timeless slip-ons, my summer-in-winter dream: Did you think you'd have to give up slip-ons after the summer? Not a chance! In fact, they're bursting with fashion audacity to become your winter sneakers, in leather, velvet and print!
  • - Total black sneakers: A bit of a reaction to the all-white Stan Smith, fashion is calling for all-black monochrome sneakers, and why not high-tops, and why not leather Converse?
  • - Black & white sneakers: If you're not sure whether to go for a black or white sneaker look, black-and-white sneakers are also very fashionable: Superstar vs. Stan Smith? We say yes for a touch of urban fashion!