Men's Jumpers & Sweaters

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Cotton sweaters are very much in vogue.

The size of the stitches, more or less spaced, allows you to play on the originality of the garment. Sweaters can be combined with almost any garment, giving everyone the opportunity to create their own style. A sweater should only be worn with a shirt if the color of the shirt recalls one of the colors on the sweater. The choice of collar depends on the style: casual, glamorous, formal, sporty, etc.

A Refined Collection of Sweaters for Men

The men's wardrobe reveals itself through its key pieces, combining sophistication, comfort and versatility. At La Redoute, our collection of men's sweaters is designed to meet these criteria, offering a variety of styles for all tastes and occasions. The stand-up collar is a must-have in any man's wardrobe. Not only does it offer a touch of timeless elegance, it also provides comfortable warmth on cooler days. Our stand-up collar sweaters are made from quality materials such as merino wool or cashmere, guaranteeing softness and thermal insulation without compromising style.

A variety of cuts and colors

Our range of men's sweaters takes on the season in a variety of colors, from classic black to more daring, mottled hues. Every purchase reflects the wearer's personality. You'll find sweaters with a slim fit for a modern look, or looser styles for casual comfort. Our colors and knits give you the opportunity to personalize your outfit, whether formal or casual. Material selection is essential for a quality sweater. At La Redoute, we are committed to offering products made from wool, for its insulation and resistance, cotton for its breathability and easy care, and cashmere for that ultimate touch of luxury and warmth. Each material is chosen for its ability to combine comfort and durability.

Zipped Sweaters: A Modern Touch

For men who appreciate practical, contemporary pieces, our zip-up sweaters are the ideal solution. Easy to put on and take off, they lend themselves to a wide range of situations, from a busy day at the office to a relaxing afternoon with friends. The zipper also makes it easy to modulate style and temperature. Unmissable Knitwear Promotions Keeping an eye on our promotions is the best way to renew your sweater collection at the best prices. Our regular promotions allow you to acquire high-quality pieces without compromising your budget. Your favorite sweater may be waiting for you in one of our exclusive offers. The cardigan is the perfect complement to the classic sweater. Easy to layer, it combines the practicality of zippers with the refinement of knitwear. Whether for urban outings or extra comfort at home, the cardigan offers a stylish and functional solution. In conclusion, the men's sweater collection at La Redoute stands out for its quality and timeless style. From high-necked sweaters to zipped models and men's vests, each piece is designed to meet the varied needs of modern life. Make La Redoute your preferred shopping destination for sweaters that combine sophistication, comfort and adaptability.
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