Socks for Men

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Wearing men's socks

There's no other undergarment as controversial as men's socks! The big faux pas to avoid? White socks over a suit, long socks in sandals or ultra-short socks under jeans, to name but a few! So it's a good idea to choose your men's socks according to your outfit, and to have different models and colors to choose from in your wardrobe.

A wide range of men's socks

The world of socks offers a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, adapting to every moment of a man's daily life... From soft cotton models to woolen pairs for cooler days, the variety meets every need. Whether in the city or in moments of relaxation, a pair of socks selected from the catalog ensures continuous well-being for demanding feet.

Finishes and patterns : An expression of style

La Redoute pays attention to the details that make all the difference. The socks are adorned with refined patterns, from discreet stripes to the timeless ecosse motif, a touch that adds character to a sober outfit. Always in tune with the times, the colors range from classic shades of black and gray to more daring hues, allowing you to play with accessories and your personal style desires.

Quality and price: the unbeatable duo

Satisfaction also means affordability, which is why La Redoute offers pairs of hard-wearing socks at affordable prices. Low-cost sets let you add exceptional value to your drawer, without ever sacrificing yarn quality. Whether for sport, leisure or professional needs, every man will find the right product, combining durability and comfort through meticulous manufacturing.

Socks for every season

La Redoute offers men's socks for every season, to ensure optimum comfort all year round. For the warmer months, discover lightweight, breathable cotton models that wick away moisture and keep your feet cool. When temperatures drop, opt for thicker socks in wool or warm synthetic materials, which offer thermal insulation and a pleasantly warm feeling. Whatever the season, you'll find socks that combine comfort, quality and style to suit your needs and desires.
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