Teen Girls Sportswear

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An athletic girl needs sportswear, shoes and accessories specially designed to suit her changing body. For running or fitness, there's a suitable outfit for a teenager who no longer makes the same clothing choices as a child. From classic black pants to pink leggings, each brand offers its own original model. T-shirts, junior sneakers and matching socks are delivered to your door, enabling you to practice your sport with style and confidence. Welcome to La Redoute's "Girl's sportswear" category, where style meets performance for young girls with a passion for sport. When you're active and growing, it's important to find clothes, shoes and accessories that are specially designed to keep up with your body's evolution. Whether you're into running, fitness or any other sporting activity, we've got the perfect outfit for you. Forget the children's clothing choices, because as a teenager, you have your own style and personality. From classic black pants to bold pink leggings, each brand offers unique designs that let you stand out from the crowd. At La Redoute, we know that style shouldn't be sacrificed for performance. That's why we offer a wide selection of t-shirts, junior sneakers and matching socks that let you practice your favorite sport with style and confidence. What's more, thanks to our delivery service, you can have it all delivered straight to your door. Explore our trendy collection of sportswear, shoes and accessories for teenage girls and discover the latest trends that will keep you motivated and performing at your best. At La Redoute, we're here to support you on your sporting journey, offering quality products that combine functionality and style. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable sporting experience, while staying at the cutting edge of fashion. With our category dedicated to girls' sportswear and shoes, you'll find everything you need to shine on the field, in the gym or outdoors. Browse our selection now and find the perfect outfit to help you express yourself, excel and feel good about yourself.