Soft Toys for Babies

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It's a privileged witness to baby's progress. This reassuring little plush comforts him when Mom's away, or when it's time to go to sleep. So choose this inseparable companion with care. Kitten, teddy bear, rag doll, Disney character: this department offers baby comforters and plush toys for toddlers from 0 to 36 months. Mouse, cat, rabbit, bear or pink flamingo... children's plush toys come in all shapes and sizes to appeal to toddlers. Cuddly toys for every age Indispensable for supporting the development of young children, plush plush are available in a variety of shapes and colors to suit both boys and girls. To meet your baby's emotional needs, help him fall asleep and offer him a reassuring presence at all times, there's nothing like the indispensable plush blanket. The comforter takes the shape of the child's favorite animal or superhero. This soft, square piece of fabric with an animal's head is easy for young children to hold. It's with them wherever they go, from the nursery to the bedroom. Some comforters come with a practical pacifier clip. As the child grows, he or she turns to plush which also often take the form of an animal. Rabbit cuddly toysUnicorn, mouse, dog, cat and bear are just some of the classics. You can also opt for a more original model with a pink flamingo or a hippopotamus, for example. For a gift that's sure to please at birth, you can offer a plush box in which young parents can find a soft new companion for their baby, sometimes accompanied by a plaid or other practical accessory.
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