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Height-adjustable kitchen stool

With or without a footrest, the stool makes a handy little occasional seat. Easy to store under a table, the round hourglass-shaped Tamtam stool adds a vintage touch to a kitchen or children's room. Even more compact, the plastic folding stool allows all guests to sit around the table. Other stools with cult designs are on sale in this online boutique: tractor stool with adjustable seat, Tolix square stool, hairdressers' rolling stool with comfortable leather seat, not forgetting the timeless metal stool.

A stool is a backless, armless seat with two to four legs. This small piece of furniture is a practical addition to your interior design. What's more, it can be placed in every nook and cranny of your home: in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom or terrace! Whatever the stool's purpose - utilitarian or simply aesthetic - its choice is above all a question of style!

The stool: a small piece of furniture that's both functional and decorative

Stools are both functional and decorative pieces of furniture. They provide comfortable seating in tight spaces such as kitchens, terraces and hallways.

The most common model is the three-legged stool, with a wide seat and a backrest high enough to support all body types. The classic stool is also very popular, as it allows you to sit in perfect balance. The bar stool, on the other hand, has a fairly high back and a wider seat.

Other stool models are upholstered or cushioned for optimum comfort. These models are particularly suitable for living rooms or bedrooms.

How to choose a stool

Much more than a simple seating solution, the stool is a piece of furniture in its own right, whose presence influences the harmony of your interior design.

However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a stool, including its purpose, size and the material from which it is made.

In which room do you intend to use your stool? If you're planning to use it as a bar stool or kitchen island, you'll need a well-balanced, stable product. If you're looking for a decorative object, then opt for design models that fit in with your current decorating style: industrial, minimalist, or traditionally in raw oak.

How tall should your stool be? Placed at the end of a sofa, it needs to be high enough to remain functional: to hold a cup, books or a flowerpot. In the bedroom, you can also use a stool as a pedestal for a lamp. In the hallway, a low stool is handy for putting on or taking off shoes. And in the kitchen, the choice of stool size depends on the height of your table.

The final criterion to consider when buying a stool is its composition. Wood is the most traditional material used to make stools! It can be easily integrated into a country or contemporary decor. Plastic and polyester are resolutely associated with a modern, minimalist decor. As for metal stools, the industrial style suits them perfectly.

Why is the stool a staple of interior design?

The stool is therefore a small occasional seat with many uses. Easy to store under a table, it can add a vintage touch to your kitchen or children's room. Even more compact, the folding stool allows your guests to sit around the table, without taking up too much space in your home. Other stools with cult designs can also be brought into your home, adding a touch of decor while retaining their practicality.

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