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The dining room table is an essential part of any home. Used every day, it is nonetheless a decorative piece of furniture, to be chosen with the greatest care to harmonize with the ambiance of your home.

You'll find a selection of quality products and the must-have dining table. Extendable to accommodate a large number of guests, in sturdy, solid oak... Or in metal with a superb, luminous glass top and precious walnut legs, the dining room table can be adapted to suit your every need.

A meal, a table, sharing

Dining room tables, if they could talk, would have many stories and memories to share. Mealtime is a special time for sharing with loved ones.

The dining room table can be rectangular and traditional, embellished with a pretty tablecloth. Or it can be downright more design-oriented and futuristic, blending glass and metal. Their capacities can sometimes accommodate a large number of guests, ideal for a large family or if you like to entertain often!

Do you live in a small space? No problem. Take advantage of our dining tables for two which can be transformed into 6 place settings in no time at all, thanks to a folding extension leaf.

How to choose your dining table?

To choose your dining room table wisely, you'll need to consider two key criteria: the size of your room and the style of your decor.

Dining table size and shape

Depending on the size and surface area of your dining room, your table will need to fit in with the decor.

How many guests do you usually have? How often do you entertain? These questions will help you determine the number of places at the table, and whether you need to add an extension table.

  • If your room is rather spacious, you're in luck: any table shape will do.
  • If your space is more limited, a rectangular table will take up less room and can be set against a wall.

Table style

Today, the choice is varied in terms of design and color. Black, white, wood, metal, glass - the only limit is your creativity.

A wide choice of dining table models: a style for every taste

To facilitate the installation of your new table, we offer free delivery and, if required, we can take back your old piece of furniture.

Gone are the old solid oak tables that can't be dismantled. You've got to keep up with the times, and that's why our tables are delivered in kit form, so they're easy to assemble. It won't take you long to enjoy a delicious meal together.

What's your dining room table style? Which one will you choose?

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