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To furnish your living room as well as your bedroom or office, consider adding a bench seat, an easy chair or even some good poufs. Ideal for adding a touch of warmth and comfort, they'll also come in very handy for gaining extra seating and even sleeping space.

Furnish your living room with a sofa bed

Many convertible sofas are available if you're looking to furnish your living room attractively, yet with practicality in mind.

Whether you're a fan of the sleek, characteristic style or more of a Baroque ambience, whether you live alone, with a partner or with your family, sofa models are available to suit all needs and tastes.

For those who prefer characteristic materials, you'll find sofas in solid pine (characteristic color, black or white) and even woven rattan banquettes, which can give your room that very simple, very authentic look. Choosing linen for the upholstery of your sofa or banquette is also a good option if you're looking for that pure look in your decor.

For a more chic look, don't hesitate to opt for a velvet and wood banquette. Velvet adds a soft, elegant touch, and comes in a range of colors to satisfy your every whim.

Finally, linen or even upholstered imitation leather can give a very vintage, refined feel.

Converting an office into a bedroom

If you have an extra bedroom in your apartment or house, it's worth considering giving it multiple uses. For example, you could turn it into an office that could be transformed into a guest room, if required.

To do this, you can invest in a modular sofa or bench seat, for extra sleeping space.

There are many models of sofa and bench that can quickly be converted into a bed to welcome your guests: sofa beds, BZ or clic-clac sofas, convertible sofas... Whether they convert in the blink of an eye into a real bed with a good mattress, or into a futon for occasional sleeping, you'll find the model that's right for you!

There's a wide range of designs and colors to help you create the ambience you prefer, and best of all, you can choose the model you prefer based on practicality and size.

Creating a cosy space in the bedroom

If you want to divide your bedroom into a small sitting or cocooning area, you can turn to slightly smaller, comfortable furniture.

If you've got a little more room, you can opt for a half-moon bench instead, which can also be attached to your bed if you want a little space to sit when you're getting ready in the morning. A meridienne is also a good option if you have a large enough space to furnish: you can sit on it with several other people, or lie down on it to enjoy a relaxing moment.

The heater is not designed for daily use.

Ideal as an occasional bed for one or two people, this little convertible sofa warmer folds in half for sleeping and is suitable for everyone. It's safe, so children can't climb in alone, or... fall out. It can be unfolded and folded away quickly and easily. The matching modular bed warmer and Berryhead corner give it a look that makes for a comfortable and pleasant lounge area.
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