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To each his own, thanks to this beautiful selection

After the effort, the comfort! What a pleasure to come home to your favorite armchair! From this La Redoute selection, find your new favorite armchair, available individually to complete your living room decor, or to create a cozy corner in your bedroom. Take two to furnish the living room, or pair it with the matching sofa! There are armchairs to suit every style of decor: vintage, modern... All in noble materials that invite you to rest: leather armchairs, thick fabrics, even rattan for a touch of travel... A designer armchair will add cachet to your living room, while a recliner will let you relax to the full! Depending on how comfortable you want your back to be, choose a cabriolet or club shape, and pair it with a footrest! Young parents? Why not opt for a trendy rocking chair to relax in while you rock your baby to sleep in his or her room?

Choosing an armchair is an opportunity to acquire one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room. More than any other piece of seating, an armchair must be comfortable, hard-wearing and in perfect harmony with your interior decor. Styles, colors, shapes, ambience: discover our tips for choosing the armchair best suited to your room and your tastes.

Choose your chair according to its shape

Among the many models, you can choose from :
  • - a cabriolet armchair: classic and timeless, it is appreciated for its elegant lines and curved backrest, offering good back support and comfortable seating.
  • - a "crapaud" armchair: fully upholstered, it seduces with its enveloping shape
  • - a Voltaire armchair: ideal for reading, with its sloping back and welcoming armrests
  • - a table armchair: the ideal compromise between the comfort of an armchair and the lightness of a chair
  • - a recliner: sought-after for its absolute comfort, this type of model features a reclining backrest or even a footrest, and is equipped with manual or motorized controls.
  • - The living-room armchair: A must-have piece, the armchair goes hand in hand with your sofa and coffee table. It's important to focus on comfort to create a relaxing atmosphere in this convivial space par excellence.
When it comes to colors and styles, you're spoilt for choice. For a resolutely modern interior, opt for a Scandinavian armchair. Looking for a vintage or retro style for your home furnishings? Chesterfield armchairs, shepherds' chairs or club chairs in leather or imitation leather are perfect for bringing old-world charm to your living room. When it comes to colors, there are a few essentials. Light gray, brown or blue blend perfectly with a variety of interiors. Leather, velvet or fabric, there's sure to be a covering to suit your needs.

Choosing a wheelchair based on comfort

Do you dream of a comfortable armchair in which to curl up for a relaxing evening of TV or a peaceful reading session? Then you need to pay extra attention to the quality of the upholstery. The seat - which should be neither too hard nor too soft - can be made of high-resilience foam (HR) or bultex, two dense, resistant materials that have the advantage of returning to their original shape with use. Down or feather provide the ultimate in softness and fluffiness.

Taking good care of your wheelchair

Upholstery and finish can play a vital role in your choice of chair. Leather and fabric are not maintained in the same way. If practicality is your preferred criterion, it's best to focus your search on a textile armchair that's easy to clean with a sponge, or even a microfiber model with fully removable covers that can be machine-washed. If you prefer leather, you should know that some skins can be waterproofed to protect your chair from stains, stains and rubbing marks.

No matter what your style, whether designer or vintage, the most important thing is to please yourself! Passionate about designer interiors? We can offer you armchairs made or inspired by the work of the greatest contemporary designers. Are you a fan of coziness? Club chairs are a must-have for comfort furnishings.