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Garden chairs, armchairs and benches

An essential piece of outdoor furniture in summer, garden chairs are available in rain-resistant, easy-care materials. White or green PVC chairs, teak or wrought-iron garden chairs for a retro café atmosphere: there's a chair for every garden room. The outdoor furniture department also offers garden armchairs with wide backrests, and chiliennes for comfortable outdoor seating. Not forgetting garden benches: ideal for large tables. And for perfectly coordinated garden furniture, think of chair cushions to match your parasol.

Relaxation, comfort and conviviality - that's what awaits you in your garden, on your terrace or balcony. The furniture presented here, all well-made and made from quality materials, will brighten up your outdoor space. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to garden and patio chairs, armchairs and benches. Feel free to browse our website for anything new.

Practical garden furniture

Available in many shapes and materials, outdoor furniture meets many needs. Lightweight aluminum chairs can be moved easily from one place to another, put away almost effortlessly to make room, or stored in stacks. Folding chairs can even be stored along a wall. Lightweight chairs in metal, plastic resin or polypropylene come in a variety of sizes to suit all kinds of situations and people. Stiffer chairs for a light meal, deeper chairs at the table for a moment of relaxation, chairs for children...

So easy to keep in stock, these chairs meet all your needs. So don't hesitate to order different models for specific uses. You'll be able to match your garden tables, benches and armchairs to both practicality and aesthetics.

Comfortable, user-friendly furniture

Invite your family and friends round for a delicious aperitif while enjoying the comfort of garden benches and armchairs. The choice of materials is important: solid for the structural elements, resistant to humidity, and comfortable for the seating. Wooden benches, such as teak or acacia, add a truly distinctive and aesthetic touch to your garden furniture, while guaranteeing long life and use.

The vast choice on offer allows you to combine styles and colors. A black armchair with a white table, a distinctive wooden bench surrounded by metal chairs... there's something for every taste. Let your imagination run wild and express your personality through your garden furnishings.

The user-friendliness of the outdoor furniture on offer will ensure you spend pleasant moments with friends or family in your garden, on your terrace or in your veranda.

Solid, quality materials

No compromise is made on the quality of the materials used. The metal of the chairs is light, for ease of movement, yet resistant to rust and impact. The wood of benches and armchairs, in addition to its characteristic appearance, is designed to resist water while requiring minimal maintenance. Each product has been carefully designed so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible from the moment it's delivered.

Equally high quality is the design of garden furniture. Specially designed to enhance outdoor spaces, it satisfies every aesthetic taste. Matching chairs, armchairs and benches are available for every architectural style.

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