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Round, rectangle or square garden tables, in teak, varnished wood or rain-resistant white PVC. Garden tables feature a hole in the middle for placing a parasol and eating in the shade. For a complete garden set, coordinate the table with matching garden chairs and deckchairs. On a small terrace or balcony, a 2-person table in wood and wrought iron is reminiscent of the bistro atmosphere that's very much in vogue in the city. The garden tables on sale in this outdoor furniture section are easy to assemble yourself.

Eating outdoors is a pleasure we all enjoy. You can have a picnic in the heart of nature, or simply organize a lunch in your garden. And for this, a garden table is essential. But how do you find the right model that's both practical and beautiful? Here's how!

The ideal garden table

Before you even consider buying your garden table, you need to know the dimensions of the space where it will sit. This information will tell you what dimensions the table should have. It's also useful for determining the shape it should take. A large rectangular table won't fit into a small square space.

The size of your table will obviously also play a part in your choice of furniture. Do you often invite more than 10 guests? Choose models over 250 cm. If you only eat as a couple, a 60 cm model will be sufficient. Do you enjoy a variety of pleasures? Then opt for an extendable model that lets you invite guests whenever you like, without taking up too much of your daily space. A folding table is also an excellent choice if you don't use it often.

There are also small models just for putting your book next to a deckchair, for example. Generally square or round, these models are infinitely versatile.

Choosing the right garden table

Wood is a safe bet. Stylish and distinctive, this material offers a multitude of variations depending on the shade applied. Certain woods, such as teak and acacia, are particularly well-suited to outdoor conditions.

Metal is also a popular material for garden tables. Made of stainless steel, the table will withstand almost anything (UV, humidity). However, steel is not scratch-resistant. If you need to move your table often, choose aluminum, which is ultra-light and highly resistant. If your metal table remains in direct sunlight all day long, you'll need to be careful, as the material heats up and this can be very unpleasant.

Braided or injected resin is highly resistant to temperature variations. It's ideal for areas near swimming pools, as it's chlorine-resistant.

HPL is a compound of wood and resin used for table tops. The structure is then either aluminum or steel. It's a highly resistant material that can withstand anything.

Stone is another possible choice for a garden table. Resistant and elegant, it is nevertheless essential to know that it is very heavy, and requires water-repellent treatment to prevent the appearance of moss.

PVC models are available at low prices. They are easy to clean, but can be damaged by scratches. Left in the sun for long periods, some models will discolor if they are of poor quality.

Perfect styling

You've decided on the shape, size and material of your garden table. Now it's time to consider style.

Metal or HPL offer a very contemporary look that's perfect for sleek gardens. Wood, on the other hand, is ideal for a pretty, romantic garden with lots of flowers. This material is ideal for cosy spaces. If your garden is inspired by the oriental style, you can also choose a black metal garden table, very elegant and refined.

Wrought-iron steel is ideal for vintage gardens.

You can select your table with matching chairs. In this way, the living room is a simple solution that won't go amiss. You can also go for originality by choosing a table and chairs in different materials and styles. The effect is subtle, but always very successful, provided you don't go overboard. Metal goes very well with wood, but not with PVC, for example.

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