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What are the dimensions of a children's mattress?

Soon the happy event! It's time to get baby's room ready. Pink or blue bed, light blanket, cuddly toy, hanging mobile, etc. But which mattress should you choose? For cribs, bassinets or wooden beds, safety and hygiene are essential. Babies grow by sleeping. That's why the mattress, whether foam or sprung, must keep pace with growth and support the baby's weight. To prevent allergies, most children's mattresses are anti-dust mite.

Peaceful, restful sleep is essential for your child's development. Discover a whole range of quality children's mattresses to provide maximum well-being and safety for children from an early age.

Children's mattresses: comfort first!

Choosing a children's mattress depends on a number of criteria, starting with the size and type of bed. In this category, you'll find a wide range of mattress sizes to match your bedding, whether it's a crib with bars, an evolving bed or a drawer bed.

Then, depending on your child's age, size and sleeping habits, you can refine your selection to offer him a mattress with optimum comfort, adapted to his specific needs.

Mattress thickness is important for babies and growing children, as it determines how well the spine is supported. The weight of your child determines the most suitable density. In this category, you'll find children's mattresses of varying thicknesses, up to 40 cm.

The best mattress for your child is also a question of firmness. Here again, needs vary according to age. While a child around the age of six may appreciate a soft, enveloping mattress, a firm or toned mattress is best for an infant, to avoid dangerous postures.

When it comes to filling, each material has its own advantages. Mattresses made of latex or foam offer firm support and good air circulation. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are made from a special foam that retains a gentle, enveloping warmth throughout the night.

Latex has hypoallergenic properties and does not retain moisture.

If you prefer softer bedding for your child, a mattress with springs is just the thing.

Finally, to prevent any respiratory discomfort or risk of allergy, you also have the option of choosing a 100% coconut fiber material, or a mattress specially treated against dust mites.

While support is paramount, temperature also plays an essential role in a good night's sleep, especially for toddlers. By choosing a reversible mattress, your child will benefit from thermal comfort in both summer and winter.

A practical children's mattress to make everyday life easier

Whether you choose to fit out your child's bedroom with an evolving bed, a trundle bed or a bunk bed, you'll find a wide choice of models in this range, adapted to these different types of sleeping arrangements.

Evolutive mattresses are easily adjustable, thanks to a zipper system that allows different parts to be added as the child grows.

And to guarantee your child the same level of comfort away from home, as well as for an extra sleeping solution, you can select an air mattress for your child aged three and over. Easy to use, it comes with a protective cover so you can take it wherever you go.

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