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The mug

Online sales of collector mugs for fans of long coffee or hot chocolate. From children's plastic mugs to isothermal mugs with watertight lids, this tableware department offers large teacups individually or in packs of 6. Don't confuse mug and mazagran: the former has a handle, while the latter is a tall cup shaped like a stemmed glass for serving coffee. An indispensable accessory for cold winter days and evenings, mugs are sometimes comical, practical and come in a variety of shapes. An original, useful and affordable Christmas gift for your loved ones.

The mug is to the china cabinet what aroma is to coffee. Practical, useful and aesthetic, the mug is inviting itself into our kitchens and proudly displaying itself for all to see. This container is the star of hot chocolate, comforting in winter, or iced tea, delicious in summer. There are as many kinds of mugs as there are users. In fact, these little objects have taken pride of place in our homes, so much so that some enthusiasts collect them.

From simple white stoneware mugs to message mugs and wooden mugs, La Redoute presents the finest selection of mugs available today.

The mug: we love it in all its forms

The great advantage of this large mug is the variety of materials from which it can be made.

The most common mug is porcelain. It's perfect for breakfast, accompanied by its matching bowl. Porcelain is a strong, sturdy material, ideal for repeated use.

For added pleasure, the mug is also available in ceramic, stoneware, glass, stainless steel, earthenware, metal, cement, wood, crystal and even stone. Mugs come in colours ranging from white to black, and all the colors of the rainbow. Depending on your tastes, you can choose plain or patterned.

In order to have a mug to match, La Redoute offers its products in batches, and always at unbeatable prices.

An original and thoughtful gift

Because the mug is a useful and practical gift, you can personalize it as you wish.

It's nice to have a mug with a photo of our fondest memory on it. It's a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Whether it's Christmas, Father's Day or a birthday, make it memorable with a personalized mug.

At La Redoute, we believe that everyone should find a mug to suit their taste, which is why we've put together a fine selection of mugs for you to choose from. Our collection features wildlife, mugs fashioned with the faces of celebrities and stylized 1970s mugs. Don't hesitate to give a mug as a gift or have one made for yourself. It's an original and useful everyday gift.

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