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Rectangular serving tray

Ideal for serving breakfast in bed or an impromptu TV dinner, the serving tray is the essential accessory for meals away from the kitchen. Rather than running around for each guest, you can assemble your aperitif glasses on a sober, elegant serving tray. A round tray is also ideal for serving galettes, tarts and cakes at snack time. Tip: to avoid accidents, place heavy items in the center of the tray and invite guests to serve themselves from the edges first.

Very practical in the kitchen for carrying your crockery, the tray is just as much an ally for your meals as it is a decorative essential. There are many models to choose from, with a wide range of prices, materials and sizes: presentation trays, cheese trays, rattan trays, melamine trays... Multifunctional, they can be transformed from an appetizer to a decorative platter in the blink of an eye, simply by placing a candle or statuette on them. It's up to you to choose the one that best embellishes your interior!

The serving tray, a useful decorative ally

In the tableware category, the serving tray has a place of choice. Most of the models designed for the kitchen have handles for easy transport of objects, but also coatings such as enamel or aluminum for easy cleaning. They are very useful for transporting your glasses and carafes to your guests, and their sturdiness means you can clear away without risk. From appetizer to dessert, each tray has a role to play: a rectangular one to hold dishes, a plank for cheeses and a cake server for mignardises. Looking for a less formal ambience? Opt for a pizza board, a charcuterie board or a revolving board for appetizers. Conviviality guaranteed!

Highlight your objects with the presentation tray

Whether as a centerpiece on a sideboard or to brighten up a kitchen worktop, display trays are a great asset. Useful as baskets, but also to decorate the room, they come in a multitude of materials (acacia, bamboo, metal...). A variety of colors and shapes (gold, black, white, oval, etc.) give each one its own particular style. Various finishes, such as mirror effect, hammered metal or enameling with colorful patterns, make each tray unique. You'll also find them in sets, which you can turn into wall decorations. Some come with glass cloches or netting, to protect foodstuffs from insects or display your finest objects in a dust-free environment.

Bed tray and shelf support

Dreaming of breakfast in bed? Now you can, thanks to the stability of our floor-standing models. With its large dimensions, you can place a plate or a computer on it. The design of the various bases adds a practical dimension to the aesthetics, notably with notches for tablets and cup holders. Shelf supports or bed trays are often made of wood or metal. It's sturdy, lightweight and easy to transport. As a bonus, its legs are foldable and adjustable, so you can change its height and store it very easily. And for the bathroom? Extendable models are available to fit bathtubs, usually with a book holder. Once you've made your choice, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Aperitif service and accessories

At aperitif time, why not present your crackers in pretty bowls on a bamboo stand? Desserts, coasters, hourglasses, stoneware dishes... Find a wide range of accessories and succumb to the essentials of successful serving!

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