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Coffee or tea cup

A delicate cup with saucer or a tall mug, the mug is much more than a simple container: it embodies a special moment in the day. Some people prefer to sip their morning coffee slowly in a tall mug, which keeps the drink hotter for longer. For snacks with friends, small espresso cups are the perfect choice, with their saucers for sweet treats.

It's always a pleasure to receive or treat yourself to a new mug that promises good times of sharing over coffee and tea, with friends or family. The mug is an everyday item that accompanies you from dawn to dusk. Contemporary or more classic, a wide range of models are available to satisfy the wildest dreams and the most demanding decorations. Sold individually, for those who love heterogeneity and disparity, or in sets for those who love sobriety and tradition, our mugs come in a wide range of colors and original shapes that are sure to match the rest of your tableware.

Coffee and tea cups to suit every taste

With or without handle, in porcelain, stoneware, glass, tempered glass or ceramic, our tea and coffee mugs come in a range of sizes to suit your tastes and habits. Smaller models can hold a strong espresso, while larger mugs can hold a generous cup of tea. Some are sold with their saucer, in a more antique style, while others adopt a definitively contemporary style with their pop, vitamin-rich colors. You'll also find pure, white models, as well as models with a minimalist black and white look, and others with a delicate gold trim. You'll also find whimsical models decorated with little animals, cats, dogs, zebras, bears and patterns, suitable for all seasons! A wide range of floral and bohemian-style designs are available. We also offer toddler-friendly cups with special spouts. All the major brands are on hand to offer you a vast choice to delight you and your loved ones, at all prices and to suit all tastes. All you have to do is choose!

Mug sets for a harmonious table

Mugs sold in sets allow you to create a coherent, harmonious table setting, play with color assortments and let your guests choose the mug that best suits their personality. The various sets of coffee, tea and chocolate cups or mugs will make your brunches and meals more pleasant for young and old alike. Some models come with a metal stand for easy storage on your worktop or in a cupboard. Offered in a range of styles, our mug sets are sure to please fans of traditional decor, antique, vintage and sophisticated tableware, as well as design and contemporary enthusiasts with models inspired by today's trends. You'll find mugs with animal, floral, geometric or even humorous decorations in a variety of colors, ideal for a gift that's sure to please! Some models are sold with a porcelain saucer to match the cup, or in metal or wood. Most models are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

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