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Computer furniture, computer desks

Find the furniture you need to work comfortably on your computer and store your IT equipment. These storage spaces are maximized to accommodate PC equipment and associated peripherals: raised shelf for flat screen monitor, sliding keyboard, cabinet with door for printer, CD storage shelf, etc. Wide choice of computer desks in wood or melamine, with or without castors. Ideal for working, playing games and surfing the web in comfort. Combine with a practical office chair for optimum well-being.

A tidy office provides the ideal environment for working all year round. A good piece of office storage furniture is always a must! From pedestals to shelves and lockable cabinets, you'll find everything you need to furnish your office. If you're on a tight budget, take advantage of our special offers to save money and order everything you need online: office furniture, files, folders and supplies.

Whether we're filing our files or storing our equipment, it's important to have an office storage unit to organize our belongings. Because life is unpredictable, our needs are constantly changing. Below, discover our different types of office storage furniture.

Which office storage unit is right for you?

Depending on your budget, space and size requirements for office storage, the possibilities are numerous. If you're looking for small office storage units, filing cabinets or wall-mounted shelves are very useful pieces of furniture. On the other hand, for larger spaces, a bookcase or shelf might be just the thing! Practical office storage units are made from noble materials: furniture in wood such as oak, or metal such as steel. What's more, the decoration of the office and the layout of the work area are also very important details. With office storage cabinets, you have all the ingredients to create a warm, professional atmosphere in your workplace.

If you've got enough office space, choose elegant office cabinets in white wood or black metal. If you need to store confidential documents, choose a cabinet or box with lockable doors or drawers. For books, files or other stationery, choose bookcases. There's another piece of office storage furniture that's particularly popular with businesses: the checkroom. These sturdy units are made up of columns securely closed by doors.

Office pedestal: the professional storage unit

Mobile, lightweight, compact, practical and convenient, the desk pedestal lets you keep everything within easy reach without bending over or moving bulky files and folders. It takes up less space than a cupboard, fits on either side of a table and can be moved as needed. A beautiful and functional accessory, solid yet lightweight, compact, mobile and available in a variety of colors. Finally, a key lock that secures the drawer keeps even the most precious documents safe. This type of professional storage furniture is designed to stand up to frequent use, and is made from sturdy, shock- and scratch-resistant materials such as epoxy-painted steel or thick chipboard, melamine or black polypropylene. Desk pedestals designed to enhance working comfort are both functional and elegant. As such, they can be considered real decorative elements. For a studio or teenager's bedroom, you can choose between bright red or white models. For a more classic or designer office, choose an elegant two-tone model or a pedestal cleverly covered in oak-style decorative paper, which will add a touch of refinement. These pedestals can be fixed in pairs to the sides of a desk, or matched with metal cabinets for larger files.

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