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A well-organized world thanks to children's storage units

To encourage children to tidy up, there's nothing like accessories adapted to their age, needs and tastes. To organize your child's space, we've put together a vast selection of children's storage for the bedroom or playroom. From bookcases for their books to storage chests for their toys, here's a wide selection of furniture and objects perfect for the very young. For clothes, we offer a wide range of practical dressers. You'll also find wardrobes and coat racks available in sleek or bright colors, to suit the tastes of the very young. Space-saving and easy to install, the cubby bench is an ideal child's storage solution for large toys, while providing a comfortable bench to sit on. Our children's storage page also features desk accessories such as pencil holders, lockers and boxes in a variety of sizes. For a sure-fire hit, opt for children's storage units decorated with motifs featuring cartoon heroes. Whether you're looking for wooden, metal or textile children's storage, we've got you covered.

Tired of seeing your child's bedroom a mess? There's only one solution: buy some furniture. There is a wide range of storage furniture that combines practicality, space and design. As with any room, each piece of furniture in a child's bedroom has its own function.

Storage for toys

Children need to play, which is essential for their growth and imagination. But afterwards, they also need to learn how to tidy up, and to do this, they need suitable furniture so they can put their toys away on their own.

Depending on the tones of your child's room, the color of the storage units should be chosen accordingly. White, colored or with neutral tones, the furniture must be practical for your little one, so that he can access his belongings himself. You can opt for a completely open base unit with shelves for easy storage.

Mixed furniture with cupboards and shelves is just as practical, and provides a safe place for some of the toys. Those with niches have shapes that appeal to parents and children alike.

Chosen by a large number of parents, the toy chest often features ample storage space. Children can select the toys they need at will, and enjoy emptying the chest. You'll find toy boxes in white, colored, with or without legs, in wood and fabric.

Trunks are also a big hit. They decorate your child's room and also serve as storage. They're the perfect product for decorating enthusiasts.

Furnishings for budding readers

Children often have a passion for books from an early age, and these books take up a lot of room in a bedroom. There are several ways to store them.

For the little ones, you can opt for a low bookcase with wheels, allowing them to take their books wherever they like. A wooden book tray is also ideal for storing books. For older children, a combined storage and shelf unit is perfect.

Decorate with storage

Storage units for children have become real decorative elements, reflecting the theme or mood of the room. Storage shelves can be fixed to the wall to bring the room to life with photos, stuffed animals or books.

To store your jackets or coats, colorful patterned or wooden coat hooks are just the thing to enhance your walls. And for an even more imposing look, you can opt for a coat rack.

Children can also be given a sense of responsibility while having fun. By installing a fabric, rattan or jute laundry basket in the shape of animals or with patterns, they'll find it great fun to have a laundry basket just like their parent, and will do you a favor without realizing it.

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