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Your child needs a place to call his own. A place that serves as a refuge in times of upset, as a playroom with friends, or simply as an intimate space to exchange secrets and chat quietly. The style of the bedroom is in keeping with the age of your offspring. For toddlers and babies, the emphasis is on a cocoon effect, with a soft decor evoking their favorite heroes. For older children, their interests are a characteristic source of inspiration for the decor. It should highlight their passions, so that they feel truly at home and make it their den. Of course, the atmosphere changes over the years to keep pace with the child's evolution. It must always reflect the child's world. A variety of wall decorations can be used to match this metamorphosis, to the delight of your little ones.

Aesthetic and personalized

When it comes to wall decoration, it all starts with the walls themselves. Wallpaper is back with a vengeance and plays a key role in your project. It's a powerful way of personalizing a space. For the little ones, patterns featuring characters straight out of children's books or cartoons are a must. The options are numerous, from teddy bears and mermaids to galaxies and animals. All these motifs stimulate your child's imagination and transport them into sweet dreams. For older children, silhouettes of skyscrapers or emblematic monuments from different countries are just the thing. Alternatively, you can use a sticker on part of the wall. With a lighter rendering, it's sure to make an impact and enhance your decor. Once you've decided on a support, you can complete the picture with a plush trophy or a frame with a naive drawing. Hang a few golden birds, butterflies or dragonflies, or colorful paintings or message boards for the grown-ups. Posters of all styles are also available. Change them over time. From early childhood characters to animals and thought-provoking quotes, the choice is vast.

Decorative and practical

Why not combine decoration with practicality? Consider mirrors available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Some are in characteristic rattan or black, while metal ones in the shape of a star or moon are ideal for daydreaming. Still others are shaped like animals and go wonderfully well with wallpapers or stickers evoking this universe. When it comes to practicality in the nursery, storage immediately comes to mind. Place shelves, on one or more levels, where your toddler can display his treasures without them encroaching on the available space. For smaller items, opt for wall-mounted storage with multiple pockets. You can round things off with a clock. Shaped like a cuckoo clock, a princess, a panda or a cartoon, your little one will tell you the time and remind you to go to school. At last, the bedroom combines the practical with the pleasurable, to everyone's satisfaction.

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