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The trundle bed: practical and comfortable

Practical and space-saving, the trundle bed is ideal for saving space while enjoying absolute comfort. Whether you're looking for a trundle bed for children or adults, this 1-seater comes in a range of styles. Choose from modern, classic or vintage designs to suit your tastes. Whether you opt for a wood, metal or particleboard trundle bed, in white, black or a distinctive color, the choice is vast. You're sure to find the one that matches your interior design. The complete trundle bed with drawer is one of the most popular versions, thanks to the possibility of transforming the drawer with box spring into an additional bed. Perfect for a child's bedroom, the trundle bed with bed frame will save space thanks to its numerous storage compartments. In an office or small room, the trundle bed bench combines the comfort of a 1-person trundle bed with the elegant style of a bench seat. Whether for permanent or occasional use, here's a wide choice of trundle beds.

The bed is a major piece of home furniture. It's where we sleep for a third of our lives. And we spend even more time in it: we read, think, surf the web. Children play and dream in it.

The trundle bed, clever and attractive

Do you need an extra bed for entertaining your family? Is your daughter starting to organize sleepovers? Is your son inviting his friend over for video games, or enjoying the stars through the roof window at night? The trundle bed will delight children and their friends. The trundle bed will give guests a good night's sleep.

The trundle bed is an interesting alternative to the convertible sofa or the sofa bed. Above all, it remains a bed, providing users with quality nights' sleep.

There are two basic categories. Beds which, when unfolded, are at the same level. This creates a true 2-seater bed. Other trundle beds have the second bed hidden in a drawer. Once the drawer is open, the 2 beds are staggered in height.

Comb beds have interlocking box springs, so once closed, you'd never know they could unfold. This model is particularly close to a bench bed.

This piece of furniture can be found in bedrooms, where it serves as a single bed and will delight visitors by unfolding for the occasion. It can be used as a double bed for a couple, and can be folded away during the day to save space in small bedrooms, or larger ones to accommodate a removable desk for telecommuting. In the evening, folded away to form a bench next to the armchair and coffee table, it's ideal for TV evenings, games or discussions with friends.

The trundle bed, the modern choice

In studios or smaller apartments, it will contribute to your well-being: double bed at night, modern sofa during the day.

The auxiliary bed is no longer hidden away, but becomes part of your ambience in its bench version.

Whether discreet or the main piece of furniture in your room, the trundle bed knows how to adapt. If you don't want to go out of style, choose it in white or black, but it's also available in gray, beige, pine color, or, for the more daring, in blue or green! The multiple designs of this furniture will surprise you, and everyone will find their own style: classic, modern, Swedish?

Adapt your bed to your needs

As with all bedding, the most important selection criterion is size. A bed that's too small is guaranteed to give you a bad night's sleep. The most classic size is 90 cm wide and 190 cm long. Models range from 70 to 90 cm wide, and from 140 to 200 cm.

The slatted base is the unanimous choice for comfort. Choose one large mattress or two small ones. You can also opt for a single mattress and convert the bottom drawer into storage space.

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