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It's always a pleasure to create an attractive decor for your home. So why not come up with a design for your children's bedroom? Pink for girls and blue for boys, these trends are now outdated and we're giving free rein to our imagination to create a universe that will match the dreams of our little ones.

Creating a cosy nest for your child

Choosing the right decor for your little one's bedroom will depend on his or her age. Younger children obviously won't have much say in the matter. Older children, on the other hand, can share their desires with you.

First and foremost, you'll need to choose the colors that will cover the walls and floor. Characteristic shades such as beige or ivory are the trend, and you can embellish them with colorful details. Let's not forget that children love bright colors. So you can put purple or orange cushions on the bed or buy a colorful storage unit.

You know your darling baby and you know what he likes. He dreams of being a pirate, she's a fairy? Here are two good theme ideas to create the perfect decoration. You and your little collaborator can also create a world dedicated to animals or the jungle, or even better, transform their room into a castle.

Don't overlook picture frames, which can transform a simple wall into a magical setting. Add pretty stuffed animals and a few accessories to enhance the whole: lamp, teepee, string of lights or coat rack. Little princesses can add costumes of their favorite heroines. Young knights can hang a sword (as a toy, of course!) on their wall.

The importance of furniture

It's also very important to select the furniture that will best fit into this universe. Forget furniture that's too classic for a jungle bedroom. Or try a little DIY with your child to add exotic touches to the wooden surface of his or her desk. Do you have antique furniture? Bringing them up to date (and up to date with your child's tastes) is an excellent way of instilling the first principles of eco-responsibility. For example, you can use Washi adhesive strips to turn an ordinary chest of drawers into an exceptional piece of furniture.

There are also beds with specific shapes (car or cabin, for example). Why not offer your young child an original model for sweet dreams?

Don't neglect bed linen either. To create a harmonious ensemble, choose pretty, soft cotton sheets in shades that blend in perfectly with the bedroom decor. For a better night's sleep, opt for pastel shades. At present, sky blue and almond green are the stars of the decorating scene. But if your little one prefers a comforter cover featuring his favorite superhero, there's no need to worry.

One more detail: don't forget the chandelier. It must, of course, match the chosen theme. For a jungle bedroom, a model made of exotic wood fibers will have the best effect. A single wall adorned with palm leaf wallpaper will add the finishing touch with flair.

The decoration of your child's bedroom will evolve with him/her. But it will always reflect his world.

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