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Mirrors enhance and enlarge living spaces.

More than just a useful object for contemplating oneself, a wall mirror is also a decorative object. Mirrors are chosen according to the design of the room: classic, contemporary, cut-out, etc. Available in a variety of sizes, wall mirrors can be contoured in wood, metal, pine, teak or mahogany, as well as in round, oval, bull's-eye or rectangular shapes. Once chosen, they can be embellished with mirror stickers for original personalization.

Sometimes shunned, often adored, the mirror is an indispensable accessory for the beauty of those who look into it, but it's also a must-have for interior design. Few homes are without at least one mirror. Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, everything is possible. Whether it's the mounting system, the frame materials, the colors or even the shapes, the mirror is in tune to bring a touch of sparkle to the home.

Why buy a mirror?

If you've just moved in and don't yet have any mirrors, or if you're redecorating your home, you absolutely must invest in mirrors. Here are the 4 main advantages of having a mirror in your home.

Advantage 1: give your decor a boost

Mirrors are no longer just useful for enhancing your beauty. With its modern design and original frames and shapes, the mirror is an asset to your decor. Ideally placed in a living room, on a bare wall, a mirror with a rattan frame can make all the difference. Star-shaped mirrors are perfect for a child's bedroom.

Advantage 2: the magic mirror that enlarges rooms

Mirrors are widely used by interior designers to visually enlarge a narrow room. Thanks to the optical illusion created by the mirror, the space appears larger, especially with the change in perspective induced by the reflective surface. For this, consider floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors. To create an infinity effect, place two mirrors opposite each other.

Advantage 3: a coup d'éclat

Any mirror, strategically placed, can bring light into a dark room. To do this, place your mirror opposite a window, glass door or skylight. Daylight reflects off it and magically illuminates your interior.

Advantage 4: the deceptive mirror

Mirrors are excellent for creating trompe-l'oeil effects. You love green plants, but your home is too small? Place a mirror near your plants to create the illusion of a mini jungle. Black, wood, glass, rectangular, connected, backlit, the mirror adapts to every room in the house. Visit your local store today to find the mirror you need.

Mirrors and feng shui

The art of feng shui is the ability to harmonize the energies of a living space for serenity and good health. Mirrors play a key role in this ancient discipline. In feng shui, the mirror is seen as an amplifier of energy, helping it to circulate harmoniously. To achieve this, a few rules are essential:

  • Place your mirror strategically to brighten or enlarge a room and attract the right energies.
  • Don't place your mirror facing the front door - positive energies will be reflected outwards - or facing your bed.
  • Don't keep broken, cracked or damaged mirrors.