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Sconces: wall-mounted decorative fixtures

A sconce is a wall lamp. It diffuses a less direct light than a ceiling lamp and consumes less energy than a halogen lamp. In brushed metal or iron, with or without a shade, wall sconces can be used in the living room or outdoors, to light a terrace or the front door. To save space in the bedroom, consider the accordion sconce. Design and practicality, it can replace the bedside lamp for comfortable reading in bed.

In the home, decoration is an important part of the layout. To feel at home, every detail counts. Lighting fixtures, indispensable in any room, are carefully selected. Whether modern or antique, lamps add an essential decorative touch. It's up to you to choose the right model for each room in your home.

From classic to designer, a wide selection of wall sconces

Whether ceramic, aluminum or glass, the materials used in lighting fixtures are constantly evolving. They create a perfect harmony with the decor. Rattan lamps accentuate a bohemian feel. Metal ones fit in with contemporary architecture, while textile ones are ideal for vintage atmospheres. Wooden lamps are ideal for Scandinavian settings. Also, the bulbs, prominently displayed on certain models, become aesthetically pleasing for both LEDs with their decorative filament and halogens.

Likewise, colors range from black to white, offering a wide variety of tones. Discreet in their pale hues, luminaires blend into the décor. Brightly colored, they stand out and add dynamism to an ordinary décor.

A customized wall light for every room in the house

There's nothing like a wall light to add an original detail to your apartment or home. For the living room or dining room, certain models created by talented designers find their place in this family room. They are designed to be noticed. These top-of-the-range items stand out for their singularity and uniqueness.

In a bedroom, a cloud or star-shaped light brings softness. Used as a decorative element, it creates a soothing halo. Instead of a lamp on a bedside table, a wall lamp placed close to you allows you to read while being well lit. For children, lighting with amusing patterns or animal shapes brings cheerfulness into the room. Some models are specially designed for outdoor use, to safely illuminate your front door or garden.

Adjustable, modular light distribution

Unlike a ceiling fixture, a wall-mounted luminaire diffuses light pleasantly. If the shade is adjustable, it can be moved to suit the desired light distribution. This feature is useful, for example, in a bookcase, to direct the light according to the reading position. It can also be used to create cosy, intimate atmospheres. By hanging directly on a wall, the lamp saves space on the floor or on furniture. With its sophisticated style, it enhances wall decor.

These products, offered at various prices, are available for delivery. They are reserved according to current stock. The models presented rival each other in aesthetic appeal and originality. Depending on your design criteria, all you have to do is select yours!

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