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Increase your storage space with a baby wardrobe

Baby never arrives alone. With him, an army of pyjamas, bibs, booties, sheets and diapers invades your home. Complete your newborn's room with a baby wardrobe, ideal for storing all his little things. Baby wardrobes have the advantage of being decorated in soft colors, to accompany your child as he sleeps. If you need a large baby wardrobe, the Redmond solid pine wardrobe from La Redoute Intérieurs offers ample storage space, with two spacious drawers, a hanging area and two large shelves. For a designer baby wardrobe, opt for the Alfred et Compagnie model, available in several soft colors. The doors of this baby cabinet are fitted with small windows so you can see immediately where what you need is stored. It's divided into two sections, one with a closet and the other with five shelves. Finally, if you prefer a very simple piece of furniture, the two-door tricolored baby wardrobe from Terre de Nuit is sure to please. This white baby cabinet features large closets and shelves and small gray drawers. It will fit all boys' and girls' bedrooms. Whichever baby wardrobe you choose, it's sure to complete your child's bedroom.

Your baby is about to arrive and your aim is to choose the furniture for his room. Among these, the wardrobe is an important element that will enable you to store his belongings in the best possible way during his first years. But how do you go about choosing one? Here's some valuable advice.

Baby wardrobe essentials

Unlike a chest of drawers, a closet generally has a very useful hanging space. You'll be able to hang your little one's coats, dresses or sleeping bags more easily. This saves a lot of space. And your little lady's dresses won't get creased. What's more, the closet offers ideal floor space for storing your little one's shoes and boots.

It can therefore be very useful to choose a wardrobe with two parts: shelving (with or without drawers) and a hanging space.

The material is also very important. Although solid wood is more expensive than chipboard, it is healthier and will last much longer.

You'll also need to measure the space available to integrate the wardrobe into your baby's room. Does your baby have a lot of space? Then you can choose a large-format model without having to encroach on the available space. Space is more limited? If so, you'll need to adapt the wardrobe not only to the room, but also to the quantity of baby's clothes. Don't forget that when you buy a wardrobe, it's first and foremost to store your baby's things!

Leave a free space around the wardrobe. This will enable you to open the doors without any problem, or to move around with baby's linen under one arm and baby under the other, without bumping into each other (in complete safety, in other words).

So much for the basics.

Style counts too

Choosing a wardrobe for your baby's room also means choosing an item that blends in perfectly with the decor.

There's a wide choice of cabinet materials and styles. You'll be spoilt for choice. You can opt for a model that matches the rest of the furniture, in light wood such as oak. You can also have fun mismatching furniture. A white bed and a pink or blue wardrobe can make a superb decoration.

You can also have fun with unfinished wooden furniture. You'll have to paint it yourself. You can add pretty stickers for even more personalization in your baby's room.

For a beautiful children's bedroom, it's best to choose light shades enhanced by a few stronger notes. A beautiful orange wardrobe will be a real eye-catcher in a pink bedroom. A pretty duck blue model is ideal for a pastel blue bedroom. In this case, the wardrobe will be the focal point. After all, a wardrobe can easily become a decorative element in any room!

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