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Reassure your little one with a baby nightlight

Because the arrival of night can be frightening for a little one, baby nightlights are a very useful accessory that reassures children. By diffusing a soft light in the baby's room, they soften the transition from day to night and encourage a peaceful sleep. To soothe the baby, some nightlights project stars or small luminous characters from the ceiling. They have the same calming effect as a mobile above the crib. Musical baby nightlights combine the relaxing effect of music with the reassuring effect of light. They can replace the traditional music box in the bedtime ritual. Some models of baby nightlights can be placed directly in the crib: this is the case of our plush nightlights or the fully secure Pabobo baby nightlights. Very practical, these mains-rechargeable nomadic baby nightlights are easy to take with you when you spend the night away from home. And because older children are entitled to their own nightlights, we also offer a wide range of children's nightlights to help them wake up at night or reassure them as they fall asleep. As the child grows, the nightlight can also be placed in the hallway to make the journey to the toilet or to the parents' bedroom safer.
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