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For chic, functional storage units

Practical and suitable for any space, storage furniture enhances your interior. Ideal for storing books, decorative objects or personal souvenirs, it makes life easier and completes your home's decor with style. We offer a wide choice of storage units in wood, fabric, metal or rattan. The American-style metal storage column is ideal for small spaces, and will be at home in an office. Also in the same range, paulownia storage furniture will adorn bedrooms or living rooms, offering a harmonious ensemble. Matching your decor, kitchen storage furniture adapts to your every need. The solid wood china cabinet will house your most beautiful sets in precious porcelain or polished silver, as will the sideboard with drawers where you can store your linens. Among our selection, precious shoe cabinets and chiffoniers offer multiple possibilities. Fabric furniture with shelves and trouser rails is perfect for dressing rooms or laundry rooms. For an elegant interior in all circumstances, opt for a checkroom with shelves and hooked coat hooks, to be placed in the entrance to your home.

Useful for everyday use, storage furniture needs to be functional without being a spoilsport. Each room has its own specificities, so your choice will be dictated by the product's purpose, its size and its harmony with your ambience. The extensive range, with its wide choice of sizes, means there's something to suit everyone. To complete this offer, opt for an essential accessory for organizing your closets for small everyday items. Their design and aesthetics transform them into real decorative elements. They are often designed to be taken out of the cupboard. You can display them with pleasure and even buy them to add character to your atmosphere.

Some practical and decorative highlights

The wardrobe is one of the stars of this category. It's very roomy, so you can store lots of space. With its shelves and sometimes drawers, it can be used in the bedroom for laundry or in the dining room for dishes. Complement this equipment with a shelf, useful in the living room as a bookcase, or in the kitchen for jars or other containers. You can also use it in the bedroom, hallway or even corridor to display your photos, for example. It's the ultimate all-rounder. For smaller spaces, such as attics, opt for a chest of drawers. Tables, coffee or dining, and the whole family of seats, chairs, sofas, armchairs and poufs are also essential. Children's bedroom furniture will delight you with its well-thought-out practicality. Choose a vanity unit for your bathroom or a desk to create a comfortable space dedicated to your business. Complement with small pieces of furniture, side tables, pedestals or shoe racks. And that's all there is to it. In raw wood or noble materials, industrial style with black metal or more contemporary and Scandinavian with tapered lines, the range of products is rich and sure to meet your expectations.

Accessories for an assertive decor

The kitchen is a paradise for decorative accessories. Jars, metal tins in a variety of colors, or special storage units to organize drawers or hang utensils. Aesthetics are the order of the day in this selection. There's something for every taste. The basket has a special place in this arsenal. In the hallway to hide everyday shoes, in the living room to store magazines or plaid, and in the bathroom for your beauty products. In characteristic material for a bohemian decor, in fabric for a contemporary touch or in leather for a more classic interior, choose according to your universe. An industrial touch with metal lockers, colorful crates in your little one's bedroom or modular wooden pedestals. Think bathroom drawers with useful compartments for lipsticks and nail polish. With everything in its place, there's no excuse for clutter.