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Furnishing an adult bedroom can be a complicated task, depending on the space available. Find a wide range of furniture to satisfy all your decorating desires and create the ambience that suits you best.

Beds designed with you in mind

We offer a wide range of bed models, so you can find the one that's right for you. Whether you're looking for a bed with or without a box spring, with or without a headboard... Everything is possible.

We offer a wide range of beds and box springs, in a variety of materials and colors, so you can design your bedroom to suit your personal taste. Many of our beds are made of solid wood (teak, oak, pine, ash, cherry, poplar) to guarantee their sturdiness and give you that old-fashioned bedroom feel. While most have a characteristic wood color, you can allow yourself a little fantasy by choosing varnished and white wood, for example, for a purer look.

If you have a preference for larger, more original beds, you'll no doubt be delighted by our selection of upholstered fabric beds. Their allure, complemented by their headboard, gives them a very Baroque feel, reminiscent of that era and the very elegant furniture they had. Turning to a four-poster bed may also be a wise choice.

If, on the other hand, you want to give your bedroom a more streamlined feel, you'll find beautiful futon beds, ideal for not taking up too much space, or metal beds for a more industrial feel. Finally, to save space, there's a wide choice of beds with built-in storage (chest, drawers, shelves).

And if you're looking to furnish a bedroom that needs to be converted into an office, for example, turn to one of the many models of foldaway beds, which will enable you to store them easily and save space.

Don't overlook accessories

Whether in solid wood, rattan and cane for a more natural, uncluttered look, wicker, metal or even fabric, headboards will enhance your bedroom decor. Available according to the bed you choose, you can match them to your bed frame and bumper to give the room even more cachet.

And for even greater coordination, you can also opt for bedside tables to match your bed and decor. There are many models to choose from, and you'll find bedside tables in solid wood, copper and rose gold, or with a mirror finish to complete the look. With a niche or drawers, you'll be able to store whatever you like.

Enhance your decor even further

And to complete your bedroom decor, why not indulge in a dressing table? These practical pieces of furniture offer ample storage space for beauty products or small items, and a mirror so you can get ready as soon as you wake up.

Choosing to add a folding screen in the bedroom allows you to create a delimitation, for example between the sleeping area and the cocooning or dressing area. They come in a range of materials, from wood to metal, and their patterns and colors let you create the ambience you prefer, from baroque to geometric.

Everything is done to help you create the adult bedroom of your dreams, with the multitude of furnishings available. Characteristic tones, warm and explosive colors, rococo or very modern... You'll have no trouble finding the furniture that's just right for you!

Bed and bedside

The bed is a personal space that needs to be arranged to suit your tastes. Between the different sizes, storage systems, small pieces of furniture and associated accessories, our bed store offers a whole panoply of possible combinations. Based on the size of the single, double, children's or baby's bed to be installed in the bedroom, you can determine your storage requirements. If the bed already takes up most of the space, you can opt for a bed with storage to optimize the overall effect. Then, depending on the color you've chosen, you can opt for a headboard, footboard, bedside table and any other small pieces of furniture you find useful.
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