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All decorative textiles for the home

The Textile Decoration category brings together fabric items to complete your home decor. You'll have access to essential objects and furniture for your home in a wide range of styles and colors. The wide range of choices lets you match your purchases to the subtleties of your decor. Sorting and grading options are available to enable you to easily choose your item according to the criteria most important to you. Various items are available, from bed linen to rugs and sofa covers. Items are available to suit different needs and ages.

Selection of indoor rugs

Here you'll find a selection of rugs to suit your every need. The variety of designs available will suit every room in your home, as well as children's and teenagers' bedrooms. You can choose between the different textiles, shapes and sizes offered on the site. To facilitate the maintenance of your carpets, you'll find washable models on the site.

Curtains and net curtains

La Redoute offers several types of curtains and net curtains. You'll also find blinds. You can choose between the different materials used to make curtains. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for curtains in linen, cotton or velvet, among others. To create an enclosed space around cribs or cots, you'll also find opaque or transparent bedspreads.

You can sort items by pattern, print or color from the wide range of styles on offer, making it easier to find the one that suits you best.

Throws and other bed linen

In the bedding accessories category, you'll find cushion covers in a variety of sizes. And whether you prefer fluffy, fleece or quilted plaids, you'll be able to find your plaid among those offered by the La Redoute site. Whether you prefer patterns or plain colors, a wide range of items is available.

Poufs, pears and footrests

To increase the seating capacity of your living room, poufs and beanbags are available from La Redoute. Poufs come in a variety of formats, with legs or on the floor, as armchairs, spherical or cubic. Also serving as storage space, poufs fulfill two functions, allowing you to optimize your space. Pouf pears perform the same function as classic poufs, but in a different form, giving you extra support for leaning back.

In each of the available categories, you'll find a selection of items made in Europe, as well as items giving you access to La Redoute express delivery. The Mieux choisir selection allows you to choose items that meet various ethical standards. The La Redoute Good Deals section brings together the various special offers available on the site, enabling you to obtain your items at the best price.

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