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The choice of furniture and plants is a key factor in creating a space of well-being in the garden. Not to mention practicality, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. To design your garden, it's essential to know the different types of furniture you can install. First, you can choose furniture to suit your needs and lifestyle. An outdoor living room is perfect for people who like to enjoy nature. It can be decorated with furniture in geometric shapes and a refined design. It's also possible to install a winter garden in the living room, providing a place to relax in winter. What's more, this is a practical alternative if you have a large family or friends in the house. Finally, you can opt for a made-to-measure conservatory. For this, it's important to take into account a number of parameters such as luminosity, practicality and available space. There are several models to suit all types of garden. When it comes to designing your garden, it's essential to choose the right plants. To begin with, it's essential to carry out a preliminary study so you can choose the plants that best suit your garden's climate and sunlight. Next, you need to decide whether you want to create a green space with shrubs or a lawn. You can set up a vegetable patch or planters for vegetables and herbs. It's a great way to introduce children to gardening! And why is spending time gardening such a pleasure? As well as enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, gardening is said to have real therapeutic value. A real anti-stress remedy, gardening allows you to disconnect from everyday worries while enjoying the beauty of the landscape. However, gardening is only rewarding if the results follow. That's why choosing practical, sturdy gardening tools is so important. To keep the kids happy, you can also install outdoor play equipment such as a swing or trampoline. And in hot weather, a swimming pool will keep the whole family cool! There's no need to undertake major work in the garden, thanks to the above-ground wooden pool, which will blend in stylishly with the garden décor. And don't forget the little ones with inflatable pools. Discover our full range of outdoor products on and our app.