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What could be more pleasant than eating at a beautifully laid table where nothing is missing? To make sure yours is perfect, we've selected a range of accessories. To ensure they blend harmoniously with your decor and your desires, we offer a wide range of pieces in very different styles. Here's an overview of our products.

Accessories to protect the table

To protect your table at mealtimes without compromising aesthetics, placemats, coasters and trivets will be your allies.

You'll find a wide selection of trivets in a wide range of colors and materials to match your tableware and the ambience you want to create. In fabric, jute, woven grass or polypropylene, you can choose from a wide range of materials. For the little ones, you'll find sets with childlike motifs so that they'll enjoy eating, while preserving your furniture.

Coasters are not only functional, they're also stylish. Thanks to our different models, you can adapt them to the theme of your meal or your hobbies. Whether you want them round, in the shape of vinyl, a painter's palette or a leaf, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to personalizing your table decorations!

Another essential element for preserving your furniture, especially when serving hot dishes: trivets. Available in wood, cast iron, bamboo, stoneware or porcelain. Cactus- or pineapple-shaped trivets add an exotic touch.

Utensils for seasoning your dishes

When it comes to seasoning, everyone has their own preferences. So it's a good idea to make condiments available so that everyone can enhance their dish as they wish.

Salt and pepper shakers are the most popular. Among the references we offer, you'll find manual and electric models of varying capacities. Some have original shapes to make your table more playful. But you'll also find the traditional mills. To spice up your dishes even further, the spice carousel offers a wide range of possibilities.

When it comes to dressing crudités or pizza, you need an oil and vinegar cruet. Some models are two-in-one. In a bottle with two spouts, oil and vinegar sit elegantly side by side. Some sets combine oil, vinegar, salt and pepper for easy storage.

From breakfast to dinner, butter dishes, sugar bowls and egg cups take pride of place on the table. Designers compete in creativity to make them objects that stand out.

For your guests

With napkin rings, the headache of knowing how to fold napkins is over. Simply roll them up and slip them inside. Materials, colors, styles - here again, you'll find a wide variety of sets to suit your every whim.

Once you've drawn up a table plan, remember to place name tags next to the plates. This will make it easy for your guests to know where to sit, without you having to tell everyone where they are.

Design-oriented and functional, accessories are a must-have for tableware.

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