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A good start to the day starts in the kitchen with a balanced breakfast! Coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster... appliances to make your day easier. The ideal meal for your health? Choose an unsweetened drink, proteins, healthy fats, fruit and quality carbohydrates. For weekday mornings or weekend family brunches, cook healthy recipes. Avoid industrial products such as cookies, chocolate and cereals sweetened with milk. Discover our tips for a delicious, vitamin-packed breakfast that will give you the energy you need to face the day with gusto! Vary the pleasures by opting for fresh fruit smoothies, plain yoghurt with homemade granola or avocado toast. In short, opt for natural, nutritious foods that will delight your taste buds. For an optimal experience, remember to organize your preparation space: store essential utensils and accessories in a dedicated corner of your kitchen. This way, you'll have everything you need to concoct delicious breakfasts in the blink of an eye. Our unique tip for making the most of products in this category: for tasty coffee, don't hesitate to invest in a coffee grinder to grind your coffee beans just before tasting. This will preserve all the freshness and aroma of your favorite beverage, making all the difference to a pleasant and invigorating wake-up call. In short, treat yourself to a healthy, balanced breakfast every morning, thanks to our tips and tricks for using products from the "Breakfast" category at La Redoute.
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