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There are, of course, wardrobes for storing your child's clothes. But to hang up a jacket, pyjamas or scarf he uses every day, it's best to give him a coat rack or coat hook. This will also add a unique decorative touch to his room.

Finding the perfect element

If you've ever done any research into coat hooks, you'll have noticed that there are plenty to choose from!

First of all, it's important to know that there are different types. When it comes to hangers, you can find models with branches that allow you to hang different garments in one place.

Pegs hang on the wall. They can be a single small button or a plate with several systems (hooks, for example) for hanging things.

These accessories can be made of wood, metal, rattan or plastic. Plastic remains the most economical material, but also the least protective of the planet. Wood is a good choice. Solid, it comes in different styles, from the purest to the most original, from the most basic to the most incredible. The star of today's design, rattan can also be integrated into your child's bedroom. It would be perfect in a jungle bedroom, for example.

The coat hook saves space in your child's bedroom. Simply hang it on the wall for extra storage space. A coat rack needs to be placed on the floor. So it may not be ideal if your little one's room is small.

A coat hook as decoration

And why not? The coat hook isn't just a functional element. It's also a decorative accessory for children (and adults).

Many coat hooks feature colorful motifs. It could be your baby's favorite hero. The hook can also take the form of fantasy animals, castles, dinosaurs, fairies, hearts, landscapes, stars... If you choose just a hook, it too can be decorated with a beautiful motif.

This accessory must be chosen with care. It must not only appeal to the child, but also suit the decorative style of the room. Play with colors. If you want to add a dynamic touch, opt for a coat hook in a color that contrasts with the walls. You can also hang different hooks on one wall to create an original, colorful shape. A white model will find its place everywhere. You can also choose a model in untreated wood and have fun painting it with your child.

More complete models are also available. In addition to hooks, some coat hooks include a shelf for storing gloves, for example. It's a great space-saving solution.

In principle, to hang a wall hook, you'll need to cut a hole in your wall. If this doesn't suit you, you can also select self-adhesive models (or add a self-adhesive film to the back of the hook). Suction-cup models are also available. However, depending on the surface and weight of the coats to be supported, they may not stay in place as well as they might fall.

For a child's bedroom, it's best to choose a wooden element, which is safer for little ones than metal.

Now you know all you need to know about coat hooks and racks to help your child keep his clothes in order. Don't hesitate to ask your child's opinion before buying. He'll love choosing with you!

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