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The Eminence brand was born in 1944, with the creation of the Atelier Artisanal de Bonneterie. This French men's underwear company is synonymous with quality, comfort, tradition and luxury. For almost 70 years, thanks to its know-how and experience in this field, Eminence has been producing boxer shorts, Eminence T-shirts, Eminence boxer briefs, Eminence pyjamas and Eminence swimwear with a constant focus on comfort and well-being. The Eminence range is varied and made from noble materials, with extra-fine finishes to guarantee sturdiness and real comfort. Men will be spoilt for choice with the famous Eminence briefs, the marcel, or the V-neck tee-shirt. And let's not forget the swimwear collection, with classic or trendy swimwear to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
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