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Who doesn't know the famous logo of the Esprit clothing and accessories brand, which stands out in white against a red background in the skyline of thousands of cities around the world? Given its widespread popularity today, it's hard to believe that the concept was born, shall we say... in a car! That of the Tompkins couple, who sold their first creations there in the 1960s. But it wasn't long, given the success of their clothes, before they founded their own company. Esprit, with its classic yet innovative style, was born! Mainly established in Germany and Hong Kong, Esprit continues to appeal to men and women who like to be casual, without forsaking the timeless elegance of rigorous styling down to the smallest detail. Esprit jeans, in particular, have helped build the brand's reputation thanks to carefully selected materials and constantly evolving design. But it's just as easy to fall for a little Esprit dress, as sober as it is chic!
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