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Jonak has conquered the hearts of Parisian city dwellers, then crossed borders to seduce many other fashionistas. Since its beginnings in 1964, Jonak has managed to please. Half a century of savoir-faire is shared. It began in Paris with a boutique in the Saint Germain-des-Prés district, then travelled in search of serving a wider female clientele. The brand's national and international expansion has been a resounding success, with 400 models in each collection and a steady stream of new arrivals, positioning the brand somewhere between mass-market and luxury. Whether they're teenagers, mothers or grandmothers, Jonak women like to look good in their shoes. This dynamic city woman juggles her active and leisure lives. With her multiple activities, she needs a pair of shoes that can take her through a day at work, lunch with girlfriends or a date with Prince Charming. The brand thinks of everything with urban and Parisian styles: flat derbies, ankle boots, boots, thigh-high boots, ballerinas, slippers, sandals or high heels. Match the right model to your outfit, she's got it all. Changing looks is no longer a problem, whether you want to be a rocker one day, an urbanite the next, or a bohemian the day after, you're sure to find the right pair for every style. Here at La Redoute, our hearts go out to our models.... There's no reason why you can't be charmed too!

Whatever your whims for finding the right shoe for your outfit, Jonak shoes will satisfy them. Several hundred models to meet the expectations of the dynamic woman you are. "Access to excess" is the slogan. In its new collections, the brand offers a wide variety of original and trendy models, enough to please all fashionistas. What's more, the brand's quality and comfort are equally topical, with its use of noble materials and attention to finishing touches, all at affordable prices. In short, a combination of trend, quality and affordability - why deprive yourself when you have such a range on offer? It's the perfect choice for all women who want a change of style on a daily basis. Whatever your age - 20, 30, 40 or 50 - find the pair that will make all the difference to your outfit. Changing your look on a daily basis is no longer a problem, as the brand not only has shoes, but also bags, so you can find the perfect accessories to match.

Cow, calf, goat or sheepskin leather, it's a real pleasure to wear shoes that are trendy and, above all, comfortable. What's more, with its impeccable quality, it lasts. It satisfies our desire for timelessness - we love it! Pair a little bootie, lamarque's flagship piece, with black skinny jeans, a retro blouse and a trendy jacket for an urban look. Swap for a comfortable sneaker, boyfriend jeans and a blazer for an androgynous look. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, opt for a lace-up pump or ballerina with a floral dress for a feminine look. Finally, find the right bag in the brand's selection of leather goods. As you may have already guessed, Jonak offers a wide range of accessories to personalize your outfit. Find a wide selection of its pieces on our online boutique La Redoute.

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