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Le Temps des Cerises is a French ready-to-wear brand founded in Marseille in 1998 by the Richardière family. Primarily offering jeans and accessories, Le Temps des Cerises targets a young, rock'n'roll clientele with a taste for distinctive styles. With its emphasis on distressed, worn-in finishes, studded styles and exposed seams, Le Temps des Cerises is one of the most representative brands of the vintage trend. The famous Le Temps des Cerises studded belt is one of the brand's most famous models, and has been a major contributor to its success on the national fashion scene. In addition to their bold look, Le Temps des Cerises jeans are also quality pants made from Denim fabric sourced from Italy in ISO-certified factories. Each model undergoes strict quality control to guarantee a perfect product. Le Temps des Cerises also markets jeans for men under the Japan Rags brand.
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