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Oxbow, the Normandy-based surfwear specialist founded in Pont-Audemer in 1985, has grown! From the ocean, its creations have spread to the mountains, with collections for snowboarders and skiers as well as windsurfers and surfers. In 1988, Oxbow organized the first Lacanau Pro, a competition that today enjoys worldwide recognition in the surfing world. Easily recognizable thanks to their logo embroidered with the four petals symbolizing the four sports represented by the brand, Oxbow sportswear, with its avant-garde design combined with quality fabrics, has already won over several generations of sportsmen and women. But that's not all! Indeed, among the pieces that have contributed to the brand's development, the jacquard sweaters, originally designed for riders, are also appealing for everyday life, thanks to the comfort of their wool and the beauty and originality of their hand-drawn patterns.Oxbow's watchword: stay close to nature, without giving up innovative, bold styling. A small brand with the makings of a big one!
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