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Founded in New York in 1913 by two sons of Russian immigrants, brothers Irving Schott and Jack Schott, Schott produces leather and textile garments. Early in its history, Schott specialized in the manufacture of rainwear, but it was the creation of the famous Perfecto jacket in 1928 that made it world-famous. Later, other leather jackets were added to the Schott collection, along with nylon coats and aviator jackets. Still made in the same American factory, the Schott Perfecto leather jacket became a mythical garment associated with rock'n'roll, bad boy style and, in France, black jackets, before being integrated into traditional fashion or the collections of great designers like Yves Saint-Laurent. In 2014, Schott leather jackets are still in vogue, the quality of the leather used and their timeless design allowing them to be worn with both a wise and a slightly rock'n'roll style.
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