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Bedspreads, a friend to your decor and your bedding

Often forgotten and/or consigned to obsolescence, the bedcover is not just a decorative element for your bedroom. In addition to its stylistic variations, it helps keep your bedding in better condition for longer.

What's the purpose of a dust cover?

One of its functions is to conceal the slats and springs of your box spring for aesthetic appeal. However, the box spring cover is an ally in keeping your mattress in good condition, since it no longer rubs against the box spring, and the box spring is also isolated from wear and tear caused by the mattress.

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The different types of dust covers

If you intend to use it solely as a protective cover, a simple mattress protector will suffice. In the form of a cover with elasticated edges, it slips over the bed frame and box spring. On the other hand, if you're asking it to become part of the space to complete the atmosphere of your bedroom, there's a choice of different themes. A flowing fabric model, with knotted corners, goes well with a romantic room. It can become the colorful and original touch of the decor if you choose it printed with patterns to lift a room with plain walls, for example. More classic bedcovers come in monochrome hues. Here too, you can play with materials to add a touch of fantasy. A peach-skin microfiber fabric adds texture and warmth to the decor. You can also match it with your bed linen or comforter cover to create a uniform ambiance. The bedspread cover helps you organize the bedroom when it comes to storage pockets on the sides. Finally, it's up to you to decide on the height. You can either leave the legs of your bed visible, or conceal them. This is where you need to take the right measurements to choose the right bedcover.

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How to care for your mattress cover

Nothing could be simpler. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. In general, a wash at 30°C is recommended. Bear in mind that it's best to avoid tumble-drying to prevent shrinkage.
With built-in storage, in satin, with ruffles or prints, the mattress cover blends in with your decor and elegantly camouflages tired bedding. You'll never want to be without it!
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