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How to choose an armchair?

What a pleasure to relax in a comfortable armchair after an exhausting day! Are you looking for that perfect armchair for those moments of absolute disconnection? You're not sure which size, style, color or material to choose for your decor? You're right to ask. Furnishings reflect your personality, whether you're tempted by a vintage rattan armchair or a modern velvet sofa. Maintaining your favorite piece of furniture is essential to guaranteeing its durability and preserving its charm. So how do you choose a chair that will live up to your expectations? Follow our tips to find the piece that's right for you.

Advice on use

Make sure you assess the different uses of your armchair: this will determine your choice of material or fabric. Will it be the object of regular envy in a busy living room? Or is it just for personal use in your library? Choose an armchair with a good backrest and a comfortable seat that adapts to your environment.

  • A leather recliner is the perfect compromise. Versatile, leather is a classic material that embellishes with age and offers long-term resistance.

  • If you have children or pets, turn to smooth cotton, microfiber or easily washable sofa covers. A corduroy pouffe is also suitable, especially in a retro style.

  • Is your living room very busy on weekends? On the other hand, reserve the wool-covered armchair or retro chenille armchair for a less busy room.

  • The chauffeuse has an atypical look. In its convertible version, this armless piece of furniture adapts to your interior to serve as an extra bed. Do you have a vintage living room? Choose a wing chair for an irresistibly elegant touch.

  • Looking for an armchair for individual use? Treat yourself to a naturally sumptuous fabric! From designer leather armchairs to pleated velvet armchairs and shepherd's chairs in cotton and linen, you're spoilt for choice. A wide, rounded sofa is perfect for a modern living room, while a straight sofa is more appropriate for a contemporary-style living room.
How to maximize the feeling of comfort? Opt for quality upholstery. The density of the foam retains its shape as well as its firmness, structuring the style of the armchair. So, welcome your visiting friends to a foam sofa bed to ensure their well-being. Fiber is also an option. Nevertheless, give priority to high-quality fiber upholstery for a long-lasting voluminous effect.

Maintenance tips

The better you care for your fabric, the longer your chair will last.

Velvet armchair
fauteuil_en_velour.jpgAvelvetarmchairwill adda luxurious touch to your living room, but remember that it's a demanding fabric that requires special care. Velvet needs to be brushed fairly regularly to prevent dust from becoming embedded.
Cotton armchair
fauteuil_en_coton.jpgCottonis easily washable, but call in a professional for an armchair made from a natural blend of linen and cotton, for example. To avoid disappointment when your fabric shrinks, always check the labels before machine-washing your covers.

Wool armchair
fauteuil_en_laine.jpgWool isa hard-wearing fabric, but pet hair can easily become embedded in it. So, if your pet appreciates your designer wool armchair as much as you do, a pet-hair vacuum cleaner is a must. Failing that, get a special nozzle for your current vacuum cleaner.

Printed armchair
fauteuil_imprimé.jpgDo you loveprints and dark, natural fabrics? Don't forget to keep your armchair out of direct sunlight, so as not to accelerate the aging of the coloring. Alternatively, you can opt for light shades, but bear in mind that stains remain more easily than patterns, which are better at hiding accidental marks.

If your sofa is plain, don't hesitate to accessorize it with an art deco patterned cushion, which will add a sophisticated touch to the room. Conversely, give priority to monochrome accessories on a printed armchair.

Opt for dimensions in harmony with the architecture of your room and other furnishings. Go for a simple, textured fabric on a large sofa, and aim for small patterns on a single-seater. In a bright room, avoid heavy materials that could overpower the visual aspect of your interior. Instead, choose materials that reflect light well. For example, a designer rocking chair with chrome arms will bring chic, elegant style to your living room.

Whether it's dedicated to your workspace or the relaxation area in the living room, an armchair should be synonymous with comfort. Buying an armchair is no trivial matter, and you need to pay attention to a number of criteria in order to take good care of yourself.

To help you make the right choice, here's some advice on the criteria to consider. The armchair is an essential part of our daily lives. Whether for work or relaxation, we choose it above all for its comfort, especially since the experiences of confinement that have made us spend much more time at home.

Depending on whether you want to equip your office area or your living room, you won't opt for the same style of chair, but the objective remains the same: to feel perfectly at ease and comfortable. When it comes to choosing a chair for telecommuting or any other activity requiring long periods of sitting, it's essential to choose an ergonomic office chair that supports the lumbar vertebrae, thus avoiding round backs and all their inconveniences.

If you're looking for a chair for your living room, you'll want one that's comfortable in relaxation mode. But relaxation doesn't mean slouching in the armchair. Here too, the chair's physiognomy is important. Models with the footrest option are recommended, as they provide an ideal, comfortable position.

You should also bear in mind the space they can take up: recliners dedicated to relaxation are often imposing. This may come as a surprise when it comes to furniture, but your choice of chair should take into account your morphology. It's vital to test the seat to ensure that its height and depth provide real comfort for your height and build.

If the chair has a fixed backrest, its inclination is an important factor to consider when making your purchase. A height-adjustable model can help you find the position that's right for you. Some models offer interesting options to optimize the relaxing effect of the recliner, but can also push up the price.

So, before you buy, it's important to determine how you're going to use your recliner, if you see it as a real investment in your comfort. In this case, a chair with a height- or tilt-adjustable backrest will probably be an ally. Another option: the lift chair. This type of model allows you to change position to improve comfort, moving from a comfortable sitting position to a relaxing one by tilting the backrest.

The advice given in this article is purely indicative. For any pathology or difficulty, particularly linked to your back or posture, it is advisable to seek the advice of a health professional.

Now you can transform your living space with a quality chair that's just right for you!
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