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Which original headboard should you choose?

An essential part of any bedroom décor, headboards come in a variety of designs. Simple, exotic or with practical storage compartments, choose the perfect original headboard to complement your bedding!

The original headboard in rattan or natural wood

Whether in a master bedroom or a guest room, a natural headboard always makes an impact! Its presence gives the room an instantly chic ambience.

To enhance this living space,you can choose a headboard in woven rattan, kubu or cane. The advantage of these natural materials is that they can be easily integrated into any interior design scheme. For example, you can place this headboard model in a bedroom with minimalist white walls. Or, if you've opted for your more striking colors, a headboard designed in a natural material brings warmth and originality to the room.

tête de lit en cannage

Solid wood is also an extremely decorative material for headboards! These include solid teak, spruce and mango wood. These materials give your bedroom an exotic, colonial look, in a natural, uncluttered style. And, to bring even more lightness into your bedroom, you can perfectly match these types of wood with a set of linen or cotton bed linen.

A functional headboard with storage space

More than just a decorative element, a headboard with storage is also highly functional. It gives you niches to help organize your bedroom. You'll be able to store your night-time bookshelf, a reading lamp, and anything else you need to prepare for a peaceful end to the evening.

tête de lit avec rangements

Depending on the model of headboard with storage you choose, some feature shelves accessible over your pillows. Other models feature discreet storage nested into the side of the headboard. And, to ensure that your headboard with storage fits the width of your bed perfectly, it' s advisable to choose one with a few centimetres overhanging on each side. This way, you'll be able to position your bed correctly.

tête de lit fonctionnelle la redoute

The romantic velvet headboard

When it comes to interior design, velvet exudes a cosy, calm atmosphere. Its great advantage is that it combines easily with all other materials, such as wood or leather. In addition to its softness, velvet comes in vintage colors that give your bedroom the allure of a romantic period boudoir.

tête de lit en velours

As a result, the velvet headboard has a silky, pleasant feel. And just by running your hand over it, you'll discover all the nuances of the fabric's colors: with the pile pointing downwards, it reflects the light to provide a brilliant look!

The quilted headboard

Quilted is the natural choice for an original headboard ! It's especially perfect if you like the 3D effect of the geometric patterns formed by the topstitching, typical of quilted fabrics. Padded in this way, your headboard will allow you to lean back comfortably during your evening reading. But quiltedalso gives your bedroom a warm ambience, thanks to its soft touch.

tête de lit matelassée
Decorating tip: to make your quilted headboard really stand out in your room, vary the materials! In fact, it 's ideal to choose other textures for the other elements that make up your bedroom. This allows your headboard to stand out and become a decorative object in its own right!

The suspended headboard

Among original headboards, the suspended model is also quick and easy to install. This headboard allows you to borrow a different style and gives your bedroom an authentic character. The special feature of suspended headboards lies in the way they are attached. They are anchored directly to the wall, and have the advantage of adapting to all bed heights.

This hanging headboard opens up a whole host of interior design possibilities! For example, by placing shelves on either side of your bed, also suspended, you can place designer bedside lamps.

The chic upholstered headboard

In a bedroom, the upholstered headboard brings a chic look. Thanks to an embossed frame, you're perfectly insulated from the cold. It also provides a glamorous sleeping area and a contemporary finish to your room. Whether your wall colors are in light or darker tones, the upholstered headboard always adds a timeless touch to the decoration of this living space!

The tasseled headboard for a modern bedroom

tasseled headboards are a great way to add style and character to a bedroom. They offer a look that perfectly complements the decor, whatever the aesthetic chosen for your room. Looking for modern decor? Here's the ibis Styles brand 's decorating tip: opt for a tasseled headboard with color or pattern. The possibilities are endless! Opt for dark colors for a chic, modern look, natural materials like bamboo and rattan for a natural ambience, or choose fabric instead for a sophisticated feel. Slatted headboards are also a great option for small bedrooms, as they don't take up much space and can easily blend in with existing décor.
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