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American Vintage: the timeless, trendy basic!

The ready-to-wear brand American Vintage was born in 2005, from the imagination of Michaël Azoulay. Although its Anglophone consonance gives the impression of a creation emanating from across the Atlantic, it has very Marseillaise origins! This doesn't stop its founder from choosing the names of major American cities or states for most of his collections. The Mississippi and Cleveland collections are just two examples. It's worth noting that the brand's creations bear no distinguishing marks or visible logos. The American Vintage label stands out for its simplicity, perfect cuts and impressive color palette. From one collection to the next, there are between 15 and 30 different shades! The idea is to combine basic, timeless fashion with current trends. Although the brand founded its reputation on a popular range of T-shirts, it has now expanded to include structured pieces that are still accessible to all. Light, soft cotton is highly prized, especially for its fluid, airy feel. The label has also developed a collection of cashmere sweaters and jeans, in a worn-in style, for all everyday occasions.
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