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From its beginnings in 1920, the Palladium brand specialized in the manufacture of aviation tires. After the war, the company turned to shoe design and opened its first factory in France, based on the principle of vulcanizing rubber and canvas, already developed in its previous business. Both practical and comfortable, Palladium shoes are characterized by their authentic design and high resistance, making them popular with adventurers the world over. The Palladium Pallabrousse and Palladium Pampa models are among the most famous. Palladium Pallabrousse and Palladium Pampa are among the best-known models, and the brand now offers versions for men, women and children, as well as high and low shoes, in leather or canvas, with or without laces. A range of Palladium sportswear shoes has also been created, under the name P-L-D-M By Palladium. In addition to footwear, the brand also offers accessories, such as Palladium bags, to complete an outfit.
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