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Discover the Palladium Women's Fashion Collection

With its boldness and character, the Palladium Women's Fashion range is as impetuous as the brand's history. Whatever the season, the collection offers the perfect combination of comfort and urban aesthetic. You'll love the iconic Pampa, a true Palladium signature, or the leather ankle boots that stand up to the hectic pace of city life, bringing robustness and elegance to your every step.

Trendy and comfortable with Palladium Boots and Sneakers

If you're looking for high-top shoes that combine style and practicality, Palladium boots are for those who want to combine style with urban adventure. Admire the intricate details and explore the variety of models: from the revolutionary Pallabase design to the refined Palladium Revolt zipper. For those who love flexibility, Palladium sneakers come in shades and shapes to accompany every outfit with panache.

Easy Shopping and Accessible Information

La Redoute makes your shopping experience easy. Each palladium pair is presented with detailed information to ensure a well-informed decision. Discover available sizes, the color chart (ah, those timeless shades of black!), and high-quality photos revealing price and style. More than a purchase, it's an investment for the cobblestones and crossroads of life. Take advantage of home delivery and easy returns to make sure your chosen booties, boots or sneakers are perfect for you. Get ready to hit the pavement with confidence and style, with Palladium on your feet.
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