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Combining comfort and elegance

Just imagine a gracefully designed silhouette, a look where every detail counts. That's what the Chantelle interlocking bra collection at La Redoute is all about. A stroll through the online catalog reveals the boldness of timeless black, the finesse of soft knitwear and the sturdiness of an underwire designed to last. Each piece paints a picture of femininity and well-being, enabling you to get through the day with confidence.

Know-how and sophistication

In the world of lingerie, the Chantelle name is synonymous with a rich heritage, brilliantly blending comfort with sophistication. Browse the boutique to discover interlocking bras that embrace the full diversity of feminine silhouettes, available in a variety of sizes. Delicate tulle that plays with the skin, chiseled details and smooth line design outline a garment designed for everyday wear as well as for moments of subtle seduction.

A simplified shopping experience

La Redoute knows that every purchase is crucial. That's why the shopping experience is simplified to make selection pleasant and delivery efficient. Polyamide is discreetly used to maintain flawless quality, while underwires offer uncompromising comfort. Prices are designed to reflect the value of a range where every woman will find the piece that will accompany her with elegance and support. Let yourself be guided by complete descriptions and suggestive photos, and join those who have already chosen to combine beauty and comfort in their everyday lives.
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