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A Playtex bra for optimum comfort and support of the breasts

Playtex bras have revolutionized women's lingerie by offering optimal support.1960s saw the American brand design the first non-metallic underwired bra, the famous Playtex Cœur Croisé.Today, models have kept pace with trends and textile evolutions, offering ever more comfortable bras with the perfect support that has made Playtex a success.corbeille, emboîtant, invisible and many other Playtex models are available.whether you have a small or more generous bust, find the one that will enhance your cleavage in the greatest comfort! Playtex's timeless Cœur croisé push-on bra maintains your breasts in the utmost comfort.modernized, this underwired bra is made of supple materials and silky lace.Playtex's Cœur croisé sans armature combines comfort and support, making it ideal for women who prefer not to wear underwires.The Playtex Paddé Invisible elegance bra is as sexy as you want it to be, and is sure to enhance the bust.For enhanced bust, the push-up or ampliforme bra features cups with shells that add volume to the décolleté.Because women's undergarments can be assembled and composed ad infinitum, discover our selection of Playtex panties.
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